Channel 10 News:
New Lansing Organization Launches, Plans to Help Young, Old, Homeless
Posted: Thu 11:00 PM, Aug 20, 2015
By: Faith Miller


Frank Roman and his wife Shaleen knew they wanted to do something to help the people of their hometown, Lansing.
“I’ve always had a heart for people, especially the elderly,” Shaleen said.
So the pastor and his wife decided to launch Life Reach. It’s an organization that exists in other cities. Shaleen says it’s important to bring it to Lansing.
“We’re the capital of Michigan,” she said. “We should be the leaders of Michigan.”
They hope to begin classes for young people to teach them things they don’t necessarily learn in school, like how to buy a house or balance a budget.
Then those children will have the opportunity to pay it forward by spending time with people who live in nursing homes. Shaleen says her grandma is in a nursing home. “They kind of light up when they see children,” she said.
“Being in these homes, it’s hard on them,” Roman said. “We’d like to take some children in there and just connect in different ways.”
They also want to have soup kitchens and food banks to help underprivileged people.
Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero came to the launch party for the organization. He says the city does a lot to help these three groups, but it can’t do it all. “There’s so much need in the community,” Bernero said.
He said he came to the launch because he wants to support people who want to help address the needs of the city.
“I want to say thank you on behalf of Lansing residents,” he said. “Even though this is just the beginning.”
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